3 Tricks for a Quieter HVAC Unit

3 Tricks for a Quieter HVAC Unit


McCall’s Supply, Inc. is here to answer all of your general HVAC service questions, such as, “How do I make my furnace shut up?” Are you at your wits end with the bangs and bops your unit burps out? Here are three super-secret tips to help you put a muzzle on it:

1. Change your air filter.

A dirty air filter can cause many different problems; it would be impractical to try to list them all. It should be no surprise then that one cause of odd or annoying furnace noises might be a filter that’s gotten too full. Change out your filter or clean it per the manufacturer’s instructions before you get too worried about HVAC noise.

2. Muffle your ductwork.

Metal isn’t immune to the impact of temperature changes. If your ductwork clinks and clangs when things start to heat up, you can dampen the effects with the use of special insulation.

Rattling ductwork is where you have a real problem. It’s far more annoying than periodic dings and pops, but more importantly, it usually means a section of your ductwork is loose. You will have to seal your ducts or hire a professional to do it for you.

3. Call a pro.

A loud BOOM! occurs when natural gas builds up around the burners before they spark. Once they go, it causes an explosion. There’s no room for messing around in these situations. Every time this happens, the heat exchange – the most expensive part of your furnace – can crack. It also makes it impossible to safely relight the pilot.

Sometimes, the secret to keeping your furnace quiet and working as expected is to call the professionals when needed.

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