3 Top Products Your Air Conditioning Business Needs to Sell

3 Top Products Your Air Conditioning Business Needs to Sell

Do you need some practical tips regarding how to improve your HVAC business?

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If you’re wondering how to improve your HVAC business, there are a thousand tips and tricks that can get you there. The key is identifying which tips are legitimate and which are not.

You need to make sure whatever choices you make are not only in the best interest of your business, but also of your customers. With that in mind, the thing to focus on is how to improve your business through sales.

Here are the 3 top products your air conditioning business needs to sell:

1. Thermostat Upgrades

This may not be one of the biggest upsells you could make, but it’s one that can have the biggest impact on your customers. Improving their energy efficiency is just the start. The right programmable or smart thermostat can also make their homes more comfortable and give them more control over the temperature and their energy use.

2. Air Filtration System

With all of the summer allergens, something most people could benefit from, even if they’re not familiar with it, is an air filtration system. Everyone feels better with improved indoor air quality. Getting the right system in place can impact their health and make their homes more comfortable with better indoor air quality.

3. Maintenance Agreements

This benefits you as a contractor as much as it benefits your customer. It gives you residual income that you can count on throughout the year. But more than that, it creates customer loyalty through repeat service and customer satisfaction through a more effective and more efficient HVAC system. A system with regular maintenance is a happier system and creates happier customers.

Your business has to be about more than just selling HVAC systems. You need to have other accessories and upgrades to keep you in business. For more information on these and other products and information on how to improve your HVAC business, contact McCall’s today.