3 Tips to Get Your Crawlspace Ready for Winter

3 Tips to Get Your Crawlspace Ready for Winter

Do you know how to get your crawlspace ready for colder weather? We’ve got the three tips you need to protect it and your home this winter.

Tip #1: Close the Air Vents

You don’t want to spend money to heat your crawlspace during the winter. Closing the air vents to the space is a great way to conserve energy when the AC switches to heat. Another benefit of closing the vents is reducing the chance of moisture buildup. You’ll reduce condensation and keep moisture from the HVAC system and the rest of the house out of the crawlspace.

Tip #2: Seal Cracks and Holes

Moisture in your crawl space means moisture in your home, which can result in mold growth which can be toxic and lead to serious health issues. Sealing the cracks and holes will not only keep out the cold, but it will also keep out the moisture and prepare the crawlspace for winter. Adding a vapor barrier is an additional protective step to keep the space dry.

Tip #3: Invest in a Dehumidifier

When getting your crawlspace ready for winter, don’t overlook technology that can help keep it nice and dry. A dehumidifier is a great tool that will remove moisture from the air that’s also energy efficient, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on your utility bills just to keep the humidity in check.

When you’re ready to winterize your crawlspace, call in the pros to help with the right tools for the job. Reach out to your local McCall’s dealer for guidance on dehumidifiers that are right for your home.