3 Tips for Saving Energy This Summer

3 Tips for Saving Energy This Summer

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Discover the product upgrade benefits that make all the difference for summer energy-savings.

If you’re looking for ways to save energy this summer, check out how product upgrade benefits can reduce the strain on your HVAC equipment. Heating and cooling costs account for a hefty portion of your utility bill. Thankfully, the following three tips help you slash your usage instantly with little effort on your part:

1. Upgrade Your Air Filter

HVAC air filters aren’t meant to clean the air in your home. They protect your heating and cooling equipment. All the dirt, dust, and debris pulled in through your exchanges can clog your system and force it to work harder to make your house comfortable. Improved air quality is just a fringe benefit.

Look for filters with a MERV rating of 8 or higher to protect your air conditioner and prevent it from spreading the most common allergens throughout your home.

2. Add in Humidity Control

Southern customers understand the impact of air moisture. Sweltering summer days aren’t just hot. They’re humid, and that humidity amplifies the temperature. That’s the benefit of the dry heat found out West. The same applies to temperatures inside your home.

Lower the moisture inside your home with a dehumidifier or humidity control add-on for your HVAC system. You’ll feel more comfortable, even if your thermostat isn’t turned all the way down.

3. Go Mobile

Thermostats stayed the same for decades. Advanced models allowed homeowners to schedule temperature changes, but they were difficult to use, so many people never learned how. Today’s thermostats combine advanced features and user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to program. You can also access many of them by WiFi, so that you can control your home’s energy use from anywhere with an internet connection.

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