3 Steps to Quicker, Better Customer Service on Service Visits

3 Steps to Quicker, Better Customer Service on Service Visits

If you have an HVAC business, then you want to know how to improve your HVAC business.

Service technician inspecting a residential furnace

Want to know how to improve your HVAC business? There are many ways to boost sales and grow in the industry, but one of the best, fastest, and longest-lasting ways is to improve your customer service. This doesn’t mean spending hours discussing the various aspects of your products, but there are a few quick steps you can incorporate into your service visits now.

Step #1: Understand the Value of Time

While the number one priority of your customers is to get their problem fixed, their HVAC system serviced, or an upgrade installed, running a close second is the value of their time. Make sure you and your technicians are managing your time and your schedule to respect not only your customers’ time, but your employees’ time as well.

Step #2: Be Professional

No one wants an unprofessional technician sloppily showing up at their house to fix something as integral to their lives as their heating and cooling system. It doesn’t matter how capable your technicians are, first impressions can make or break you when it comes to customer satisfaction. Look professional and act professional and earn the respect of your clients.

Step #3: Communicate

Communication between you and your customers is critical to their satisfaction and will be a contributing factor in their decision to give you their business again in the future. Explain what you’re doing when you’re doing it, help them understand the complexities of the HVAC system, and be open about pricing, repairs, and installation.

If you’re trying to improve your customer service, put yourself in their shoes and take the steps needed to make them happy with you and your company. For more great ideas regarding how to improve your HVAC business, talk to the experts at McCall’s.