3 Spooktacular Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

3 Spooktacular Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

HVAC Transition

If your indoor air quality is giving you a fright, it’s time to consider some HVAC product upgrade benefits.
These three spooktacular ways to improve your indoor air might surprise you.

#1: Upgrade Your Air Filters

If your air filters petrify you when you pull them out, it could be time to upgrade them. A higher-quality HVAC air filter will trap more and smaller air
pollutants, keeping them out of your cooling and heating system and out of your indoor air.

#2: Install a Whole-House Dehumidifier and Humidifier

One hair-raising fact about your indoor air quality is that the humidity levels in your home play a huge role. If the humidity is too high, it allows mold
and mildew to take hold. If the humidity is too low, you could face issues with allergens, viruses, and bacteria. A whole-house dehumidifier and humidifier
system can help alleviate these issues.

#3: Add an Air Filtration System

One of the best ways to scare away the air pollutants is with an air filtration system. This product upgrade for your heating and cooling system will filter
the air in your home, removing tiny particulates as they circulate through your indoor air. Working in tandem with your HVAC system, an air filtration
unit can significantly improve your indoor air quality.

How’s your indoor air quality these days? With everything from pollen and dander to dust and mold, you could be breathing in air pollutants every day.
You can improve your health and reduce allergy symptoms with the right product upgrade benefits. Contact your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer today to find out more.