3 Reasons Why Cleaning Leaves around Your HVAC Prevents Breakdown

3 Reasons Why Cleaning Leaves around Your HVAC Prevents Breakdown


Cleaning up the leaves in addition to product upgrade benefits can help you to avoid an HVAC malfunction.

It may not be at the forefront of your mind this fall season, but considering product upgrade benefits for your HVAC should be on your to-do list. Doing this in addition to keeping the dead leaves from piling up around your outdoor system are the right steps to take to ensure your HVAC runs optimally all season long.

Here are three reasons why you need to take care of those leaves, plus a bonus tip on how to get the right product upgrade benefits for your system to do its best job this fall:

#1: Raking the leaves. It seems like a simple fall maintenance task, but it’s common for homeowners to let the dried leaves pile up around the HVAC unit, especially if the unit is in the backyard away from the neighbors’ prying eyes. The more leaves around your unit, the higher the risk of them blowing into the fan, which can lead to unnecessary clogging and system wear and tear.

#2: Removing leaves and debris that have settled on top of the A/C unit. To take care of the stuff that’s settling on top of the system, make sure the unit is off, then use a broom to sweep it as clean as possible. The system has to work extra hard to get the air circulating if there are leaves in the way.

#3: Hose down the unit. As long as the temps aren’t freezing, go ahead and turn the system off and give the unit a good hosing down with water. A spray nozzle will help you to create the necessary force to remove dirt and debris that can cause your system to work too hard to do its job efficiently.

Bonus Tip: Ask your HVAC technician about product upgrade benefits that could help your system to work more efficiently this fall. From handy air conditioner covers that can protect your unit to humidifiers that can create a healthier indoor air quality, your technician will be able to point you in the right direction.

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