3 Practical Differences Between a Standard and High-End HVAC System

3 Practical Differences Between a Standard and High-End HVAC System


Which product upgrade benefits are best for your customers?

Heating and cooling product upgrade benefits include additional comfort features, such as quiet operation and improved air filtration. These features aren’t in basic or standard systems, but they’re in high demand. Today’s homeowners expect luxury touches, so keep these three upgrades in mind when selling new HVAC systems:

1. Ultraviolet Air Filtration

It’s not enough for a filter to comb contaminants from the air. Today’s property owners want ultraviolet light attachments capable of eradicating toxic mold spores and other dangers from their indoor air. Seen as more thorough than super-fat filters, these air purifying add-ons go a long way to boosting your bottom line.

2. Humidity Control

Now is the perfect time to impress your customers with the impact of humidity and dehumidification on daily comfort. They know it helps them feel warmer or cooler for less than adjusting the temperature. They might not know the additional benefits, such as healthier skin, hair and nails during dry winter months.

3. Eco Operations

Greenwashing is a trend of the past, but environmentally friendly systems are still in vogue. People are after the savings that come with cutting back on energy use. They love the tax benefits available for certain applications too. Highlighting the benefits an upgraded system presents the environment and the impact those features can have on home value is a good way to make a better sale.

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