3 Most Strategic Ways to Avoid Allergens with an Air Cleaner

3 Most Strategic Ways to Avoid Allergens with an Air Cleaner

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What do product upgrade benefits have to do with your allergies? Even in the winter, pesky pollutants can have you sniffling and sneezing, but there is a way to combat the allergens and feel better: an air cleaner. Here are the three strategic ways one can help you avoid allergens and feel better:

#1: Get the Contaminants Out, Not In

One of the best strategies when it comes to battling allergens is to get them out of your house. How do you do that? With an air cleaning system. The right system can help rid your indoor air of things that make you sniffle such as pollen, dust, dust mites, smoke, and even household chemicals and odors. The air purification can help grab and hold the pollutants so they don’t recirculate through the air in your home.

#2: Keep the Pets, Get Rid of the Allergies

Pet dander can cause people with allergies to feel their worst. Instead of getting rid of Rover, get rid of the things that are making you feel bad. An air cleaner can pull the allergens out of the air and keep you from breathing them in on a daily basis.

#3: Breaking the Mold Mold

Mold is one of the most toxic and irritating of all contaminants that show up in homes. The misconception about mold is that it won’t affect air quality because it’s not airborne. However, the spores can and will become airborne, and that’s when they can make your eyes itch, nose run, sinuses and throat hurt, and even cause headaches and fatigue. An air cleaner is the right strategy for ridding your home of any mold that might make its way into your air.

Don’t let the allergens in your house stick around and make you and your family sick. Talk to the team at your local McCall’s dealer about the product upgrade benefits to help you find the right air cleaner for your home.