3 HVAC Products You Should Be Offering

3 HVAC Products You Should Be Offering

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You can learn how to improve your HVAC business by becoming familiar with all the great new products available today. Here’s an overview of what you can provide that will keep them coming back.

Discuss Indoor Air Quality Products with Your HVAC Customers

Building homes today involves more insulating products to prevent air leaks and cut energy consumption. While vastly improving heating and cooling costs and the comfort level of your home, increased insulation can cause poor air quality inside the building.

Without air leaks, the air inside your home can become over-laden with off-gassing paint and other chemicals, unhealthy humidity levels, strong odors, and pet dander. This situation leads to sinus and upper respiratory irritation and creates a breeding ground for colds, flu, and viruses. It can also lead to more serious health problems, such as asthma attacks.

As concern grows over this health threat, offering a viable solution to your customers to improve the air quality inside their home can increase sales.

Recommend the installation of special traps and filters to customers to remove toxins from the air. Not only will they enjoy a healthier environment, but your company will also benefit from the increased sales.

Offer Wi-Fi Thermostats to Improve Your HVAC Business

The new smart thermostats work to keep energy costs low and make controlling the temperature inside of a home easier than ever. These gadgets feature some amazing technology to make life easier for the homeowner. Some of the benefits of a Wi-Fi thermostat include:

  • Adjusts inside temperatures automatically without human intervention
  • Some models control humidity levels inside a home for increased comfort levels
  • Available with voice control or phone apps for remote control.
  • Significantly reduces heating and cooling costs

Talk to your customers about the benefit of installing a Wi-Fi thermostat and discuss all the advantages it can offer.

Ductless Air Conditioning Can Increase Sales for Your HVAC Business

Ductless air conditioning can solve many problems within a home when it comes to hot spots in different rooms or areas. Easy to install and cost efficient, ductless air conditioning can offer the perfect solution to adding air conditioning to new home additions or existing rooms with lots of sun exposure. They can also be retrofit into a home that currently uses a traditional type of forced-air air conditioning.

Offering sleek design, a smaller footprint, and increased efficiency, ductless air conditioning units allow a homeowner to cool the most occupied zones of a house and not the unused rooms.

If you have been wondering how to improve your HVAC business sales, look no further than these three popular products. Contact McCall’s Supply to inquire about becoming a dealer of these top-rated products.