3 Cool Facts about Wi-Fi Thermostats

3 Cool Facts about Wi-Fi Thermostats

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Wi-Fi thermostats, otherwise known as smart thermostats, offer some significant product upgrade benefits that give the homeowner more control over the climate inside a home. Want to know what makes these high-tech gadgets so smart? Keep reading for the scoop.

1. These Products Spy on You!

A Wi-Fi thermostat secretly tracks your pattern of raising and lowering the temperatures inside of your home. If you prefer cooler temps in the evening for sleeping, your thermostat will observe this fact and automatically adjust the temperatures to a lower setting at that time for your increased comfort.

2. You Can Control It Remotely

On a broiling summer day, you can use a phone app to tell your Wi-Fi thermostat to cool off the house before you get home from work. Your thermostat will immediately obey your command. Don’t you wish family members would be that cooperative?

3. The Benefits of Emails

You can program your Wi-Fi thermostat to send you emails when the temperature inside your home rises or falls below a certain level. This warning gives you a chance to respond to any threats to your home and property.

If you travel frequently, a Wi-Fi thermostat informs you of an HVAC systems failure so you can take the necessary steps to protect your home.

More Great Product Benefits

But there are even more great reasons to opt for a Wi-Fi thermostat:

  • Saves money on heating and cooling costs
  • Customizable temperature and time settings
  • Often hardwired with battery backup
  • Large LED display
  • Some models feature voice control
  • Prevents anyone else from changing the temperature settings
  • Fully compatible with most HVAC systems

A new Wi-Fi thermostat can provide even more product upgrade benefits for your home. Call McCall’s Supply to learn more about this great new product.