3 Common Reasons Certain Rooms in Your Home Don’t Get Warm Enough

3 Common Reasons Certain Rooms in Your Home Don’t Get Warm Enough


One of the more popular general HVAC service questions that many customers have is why certain rooms in their home stay cold even though the heater is on. There can be multiple reasons for this, including a poorly designed HVAC system. But luckily, there are several other reasons to explain why a room doesn’t get warm enough in the winter. Here are three:

#1: Poor Air Circulation

If not enough air is flowing through the home, there’s a good chance some areas won’t receive the warm air they’re supposed to get. When this happens, it’s no surprise the room stays cold. When air gets blocked or trapped, it can lead to warm air not reaching all locations.

Two common reasons for poor air circulation include a closed door or a blocked HVAC vent. In either situation, the warm air can’t properly flow into the room, resulting in it being cold.

#2: Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat works by using a temperature sensor to detect the indoor temperature and comparing this reading to a programmed temperature setting. When the detected temperature is lower than the set temperature, the thermostat will turn on the heater.

But if the temperature sensor is faulty or needs calibration, the thermostat can fail to activate the heater when it should, resulting in cold parts of the home.

#3: Leak in the Ductwork

A more serious reason that could explain a room that’s too cold is a leak in the ductwork. When this happens, the HVAC produces enough warm air. But when that warm air travels to the cold room, there is an opening somewhere in the ductwork that causes the warm air to leak out. If this is the cause of your cold room, a call to an HVAC technician is probably in order.

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