3 Bite-Sized HVAC Tips to Remember Before Your Next Vacation

3 Bite-Sized HVAC Tips to Remember Before Your Next Vacation


One of the most common general HVAC service questions we receive: “What do I do with my HVAC when I’m on vacation?” Get the answers you need now.

What are your top general HVAC service questions? Since we are right in the middle of summer, chances are some of your questions have something to do with your air conditioning and vacation. Here are some bite-sized HVAC tips to give you the answers and solutions you need—just in time for your next getaway!

Tip #1: A Smart Thermostat Can Be Your Built-In HVAC Nanny

A Nanny? For your HVAC? A smart thermostat or Wi-Fi thermostat will allow you to control your HVAC from anywhere you have Wi-Fi access. This enables you to keep tabs on your home’s climate control. No one wants to walk into a steamy, hot home when returning from vacation. However, no homeowner wants to pay to keep an empty home cool for a week either. The smart thermostat is the ideal solution.

Tip #2: Close the Curtains

Not only will you keep out unwanted eyes while you are away, but closing the curtains will enable you to prevent the sunlight from entering your home and warming it up. There’s no one in the home to need light anyway, so keep the light out to keep your home cooler without overrunning the A/C.

Tip #3: Replace the Air Filter

If it’s been a while since you replaced the HVAC air filter, go ahead and replace it before you leave on vacation. Doing this ensures the air filtration and air flow will remain good while you are gone, which will make for cleaner air once you enter the home post-vacation.

If you have more general HVAC service questions before you leave for vacation or when you return, we are always here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team of experts at McCall’s Supply, Inc., today.