3 Benefits of Home Zoning for Spring

3 Benefits of Home Zoning for Spring

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Heating and air conditioning companies get all sorts of general HVAC service questions every day.
During the spring, people want to know about air conditioning during the coming hot months. One of our favorite answers includes the benefits of home
zoning for spring. Take a look.

Benefit #1: Control Areas Separately

Everyone likes their temperature a certain way, and that doesn’t change as the weather warms up. Zoning allows you to set different areas, or zones, of
your home to different temperatures, making everyone happy.

Benefit #2: Safe Energy

Zoning lets you adjust the temperature in your home based on how much sun it’s getting at different times of the day. If you have one side of your house
in the shade, you can set that area a little warmer, as it will need less cooling. If another area gets hit with the mid-day sun, making that zone
a little cooler will make the whole house more comfortable.

Benefit #3: Consistent Temperatures

With one thermostat, you probably notice warm and cold spots in your home. One central temperature control means it only meets the temperature setting
in the room where the thermostat is. Zoning gets rid of hot and cold spots because each zone has its own thermostat that you set independently, meaning
more consistent temperatures throughout your home.

To find out more about a zoned system for your home before the summer heat hits, contact the team of reliable HVAC experts at your local McCall’s Supply dealer today. We can answer all of your general HVAC service questions so you can keep your
cool this spring and summer.