2 Tips to Prepare Your Business for the Warmer Weather!

2 Tips to Prepare Your Business for the Warmer Weather!

Are you looking for some business HVAC warm weather tips? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Keeping your business comfortable, your employees and customers happy, and saving money are all on the priority list. Here’s a guide to help you prepare your business to keep cool this summer.

#1: The Thermostat

The HVAC optimal system settings for business might seem obvious, but there are ways to set your thermostats to make your cooling system more effective. To be highly energy-efficient, experts recommend setting the temperature to 78° during the day when people are in the office and 85° when they’re not. While this might save energy and is the best setting to save your business money, it’s still quite warm and might make for some grumpy employees and customers. We recommend setting the temperature where your staff is most comfortable, so they’ll be happy and productive. The key to being more efficient is turning the temperature warmer at night or when employees are not in the building.

#2: Regular Maintenance

One of the best business HVAC warmer weather tips is to remember to schedule maintenance in preparation for the hot weather. Having an experienced commercial HVAC company inspect, clean, calibrate, and test your system will ensure optimal performance all summer long.

The best place to get tips to prepare your business for warmer weather is by talking to the professionals. Knowledgeable HVAC technicians can guide you on your commercial system and help you get ready for summer. Contact the team at McCall’s today to find out what steps you can take now to be ready when the heat is on.