2 Things Your HVAC Technicians Can Do to Constantly Improve

2 Things Your HVAC Technicians Can Do to Constantly Improve


There will always be a way to improve your HVAC business. Sometimes the improvements come at the
upper levels of management. But the improvements most readily appreciated by customers will occur at the lower levels. Keep reading for two tasks HVAC
technicians can perform to improve not just their technical skills, but customer service skills as well.

#1: Customer Service Interactions

Most customer service boils down to how an HVAC technician explains something, not what they explain. There is definitely an art to interacting with customers
who might be facing an unexpected bill amounting to thousands of dollars. There’s also a right way and a wrong way to handle certain situations.

For instance, let’s assume a customer asks a question that the HVAC technician doesn’t know the answer to. The customer will understand if the HVAC technician
explains that they don’t know the answer. After all, your HVAC technician doesn’t have to know the answer to every single question a customer may ask.

However, they should be willing to help the customer find the answer. Maybe it requires the HVAC technician to write the question down and have someone
get back to the customer. Or maybe the HVAC technician can provide a name and number of who to call at the office. Whatever the HVAC technician does,
the last thing they should do is lie to the customer by making something up or saying they don’t know the answer but refusing to offer an alternative

#2: Continue Their Education

The HVAC technician might think he or she knows everything, but there’s always a new product or procedure available to those in the HVAC industry. Even
if the HVAC technician doesn’t need to install a particular HVAC product, they should still have a basic understanding of what it is. Having a wide
breadth of knowledge always makes the HVAC technician and his or her company look good.

If you want to learn more about how to improve your HVAC business, consider educating your HVAC technicians. You can call our team
at McCall’s Supply, Inc. to discover the available educational opportunities.