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    Jun 11, 2020

    posted by: McCall's Supply, Inc.

    Guide to Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Summer

    Guide to Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Summer
    three expert tips

    You’re not the only one that needs to prep for summer. Your HVAC unit needs some attention to tackle the hot summer weather, too. Take a look at our guide to preparing your HVAC unit for summer so you can be ready for a cool house when the weather gets hot.

    Change the Filter

    The change of seasons is a good reminder to change your HVAC air filter. The filter protects your HVAC system from dust and debris, but it also protects you. By trapping airborne pollutants, it helps stop them from recirculating through your home. It also helps make your system as energy efficient as possible by making it as easy as possible for air to flow through the filter.

    Consider a Service Call

    Your HVAC company can perform seasonal maintenance on your air conditioner, so it’s ready for the summer heat. Regular service will keep your system running at peak performance and can cut down on costs and potential repairs. It should include:

    • Checking the fan blades and the blower motor for wear and tear
    • Checking the electrical
    • Inspecting the belts for wear and tear
    • Inspecting and cleaning the evaporator coil
    • Checking refrigerant levels
    • Clearing condensate drain and drain pans
    • Lubricating all moving parts
    • Test and calibrate the thermostat

    If you live in the south, you know that summer weather is no joke. When it’s hot, it’s really hot. And there’s nothing better in the summer than walking into your cool, comfortable house. To keep your AC running right, be sure to prep it for summer weather. For more information on keeping your HVAC system in tip-top shape, reach out to your local McCall’s dealer today.