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    Jul 22, 2020

    posted by: McCall's Supply, Inc.

    How to Keep Cool and Cut Costs on HVAC this Summer

    How to Keep Cool and Cut Costs on HVAC this Summer
    three expert tips

    Can you stay cool this summer and still cut down on your HVAC costs? You bet! It might seem hard to believe, but there are some simple and affordable ways to keep your house comfortable and your wallet full. Take a look.

    Turn it Up

    Turning the AC to a higher temperature might not seem like a great way to keep cool. Did you know that adjusting the thermostat up just a couple of degrees can save you significantly on your energy use? It’s a great way to keep your house cool while saving on your utility bills.

    Use Your Fans

    A ceiling fan going counterclockwise will create a cooling effect in your home. Using your fans during the hottest months can ease your AC’s burden while keeping your house cool. When your AC doesn’t have to work as hard, it will use less energy and cut down on your cooling costs.

    Rely on the Professionals

    Annual maintenance for your air conditioner by an HVAC professional can keep it running efficiently. When they address wear and tear, calibrate the thermostat, lubricate the moving parts, and clean and inspect the entire system, you’ll get more bang for your cooling buck from a system running at peak performance.

    Are you hoping to save some money on your energy bills this summer? Are you afraid you’ll have to sacrifice comfort to do so? Trust the professionals at McCall’s Supply, Inc., when they tell you, there are simple changes you can make to keep cool while also saving money. Contact your local McCall’s Dealer today to learn more.