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    Feb 08, 2018

    posted by: McCall's Supply, Inc.

    Do You Know When Your Business’s Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

    Do You Know When Your Business’s Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

    Maintenance scheduling issues make up the most common general HVAC service questions for business owners. The best routine will keep your systems running strong while using the least energy possible. The worst routines will wear your equipment out sooner than later and not do enough to keep your workers or clients comfortable. Without the proper maintenance, your business might even become a risk to people.

    How Often Should You Schedule Commercial Air Duct Cleaning?

    Depending on the work performed in your business, you should schedule a professional cleaning every three to five years. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), this includes more than simply vacuuming out ducts. It also includes cleaning the blower motor and assembly, first and secondary heat exchangers, evaporator coil, drain pans and all filters, as well as registers, returns and access openings. Because it is a big job, include this work in your official maintenance plan, with care taken for proper ventilation.

    However, there are times when excess dirt, dust and other contaminants call for changing your maintenance plans. Air ducts collect the type of materials capable of harming people's health and putting your business at risk. In certain industries, dirty ducts put you at odds with operational regulations.

    Here are just a few signs you need to perform an air duct cleaning fast:

    • Employees are complaining of allergies, headaches and other health problems
    • Air quality tests are showing contamination
    • Filters are getting dirtier than normal
    • Build up in ductwork is visible

    Get your general HVAC service questions answered and your specific heating and cooling problems solved. Contact our team at McCall's today to improve your business HVAC maintenance schedule.