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    May 05, 2021

    posted by: McCall's Supply, Inc.

    3 Smart Strategies to Home Zoning for Summer

    3 Smart Strategies to Home Zoning for Summer

    As summer rolls around, HVAC technicians can't stop talking about home zoning. However, many homeowners still don't realize why there's so much industry buzz about this hot topic. The truth is a well-executed zoning plan will save you money in the long run and maximize home comfort. Try these proven strategies to make your zones work for you this summer:

    1. 1.Create Enough Zones

    2. Most multi-story homes have two zones: upstairs and downstairs. While this does help make the HVAC system more efficient, it may not be enough. Larger homes and even some one-story houses may benefit from adding more zones. This is especially true if you have several unused rooms. After all, do you want to run the air conditioner around the clock in a vacant room? Adding more zones will ensure you only pay for the energy you need this summer.

    3. 2.Upgrade to Smart Thermostats

    4. HVAC zones are a smart concept. But using them alongside smart thermostats makes them even smarter. Smart thermostats make it possible to control the temperature of your home from literally any location. They also let you program different climate settings for each zone throughout the day. During the summer, this feature will help you keep your house cool while still conserving energy.

    5. 3.Invest in Some Curtains

    6. Although home zones will significantly reduce your energy costs, you can lower them even more with thermal curtains. Thermostats click on whenever temperatures hit a designated number. During the summer, you can reduce your AC usage by closing the curtains in unused rooms. The curtains will prevent sunlight from heating the room, and your air conditioner won't have to work as hard to cool the zones.

    Reducing energy costs without sacrificing comfort is crucial during the summer months. A zoning system is the best way to achieve this. Get in touch with a nearby McCall's Supply, Inc. dealer to discover even more about home zoning.