About McCall's Supply, Inc.

Heating and Cooling Supplier in the Southeast

As a homeowner or HVAC dealer, McCall's Supply is your one-stop shop for your heating and cooling needs

Founded by Mr. Jim McCall as a single location HVAC distributor in Johnsonville, South Carolina, McCall’s Supply has grown to become one of the leading heating, air conditioning, and water heater suppliers in our region. With 19 locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, McCall’s is able to provide our neighbors with the best products available in the HVAC industry. 

Who We Are

Our company is run by a small group of managers who are passionate about carrying on the legacy of Jim McCall by honoring his vision for the company. We value high quality and cost effective products. In our area, we have a earned a reputation of being trustworthy and we partner with HVAC dealers who will run their business in a way that brings honor to the McCall name.

What We Do

Our team supplies heating, cooling, and water heating products throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Originally, this was done out of a single location in Johnsonville. Since our founding, we have shifted our business model and expanded our services. Today, we work closely with 19 dealers in the area who carry the McCall’s name. Not only do we provide these dealers with access to an incredible stock of products, we also assist them with the operation of their business and the training and education of their employees.

About Our Products

We partner with over 55 name-brand companies including Ruud, Air Tec, LG, and Johns Manville. Our products include both commercial and residential air conditioner units, gas furnaces, water heaters, generators, and the products necessary to keep everything in top working condition.

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